Stock Work

Here is just a sample of our work...



Fitting of Stock Accessories

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  1. Fit pad to wood stock (plus pad) (add .....$5.00 if cutting is required).....$65.00
  2. Fit pad to fiberglass stock when epoxy is necessary (plus pad).....$65.00
  3. Glassbed & freefloat .....$150.00
  4. Pillarbed & freefloat (using aluminum pillars, not epoxy).....$175.00
  5. Repair simple cracks.....$45.00 - $75.00
  6. Repair complicated cracks.....P.O.R.
  7. Fit most grip caps on unfinished stocks (plus cost of cap).....$85.00
  8. Fit grip cap on finished stock.....Price upon application
  9. Fit standard forend tip (includes option of 1 spacer).....$100.00
  10. Install magnum crossbolt (plus parts) each .....$75.00
  11. Install two screw type swivel bases (plus parts) per pair .....$100.00
  12. Install Pachmayr type swivel bases (plus parts) per pair .....$60.00
  13. Install standard Uncle Mike’s type swivels (plus parts) per pair .....$30.00


* Prices listed are general and can vary in some situations.  The services listed above are some of our most common.  We are fully equipped to handle any custom service, and will quote prices on request.


Deluxe Custom Restocking


  1. 870, Model 12 type shotguns.....$600.00 and up
  2. Tanged actions -  “A-5”, “94’s”, etc......$800.00 and up
  3. Box lock doubles, Parker type.....$1,100.00 and up
  4. Side lock doubles, LC Smith type.....$1,300.00 and up
  5. Bolt action - includes glassbedding.....$1,000.00 and up
  6. Other types - Thumbhole, etc. .....Price upon application


  • Please note that these prices are estimated prices and can vary depending on rareness of gun or complexity of design
  • Prices include a recoil pad fit to your length of pull, a standard metal grip cap (when desired), and a standard finish.  If upgrades are desired, the cost of standard options will be credited to total
  • Prices do not include cost of wood, which can be $40.00 - $400.00 or more, depending on grade & species desired
  • Prices also do not include checkering or other accessories such as swivel studs, etc.
  • We also offer fitting of semi-inletted wood of lesser value for a lower price



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507-685-4243 / 507-685-4244


507-685-4243 / 507-685-4244