Muzzle Brakes

There are a lot of recoil reducing devices on the market.  Most of them cut recoil by around 20%.  An Ahlman's Recoil Reducer will cut recoil by a "Whopping" 50% to 60% (on large magnum rifles).  Let's face it, a 300 Win Mag isn't bad in the field with occasional shots at game while wearing a heavy coat.  But, fire it from a bench rest when your collar bone is at a different angle and it can be punishing and no fun at all.  With an Ahlman's Recoil Reducer, your 300 Mag will feel like a 243.  It will be "fun" to shoot again.  Works great on varmint rifles too, such as 223 or 22-250.  Eliminates the recoil and allows you to see the impact.


We must have complete gun to install Muzzle Brake!!


  1. Standard Marksman Muzzle Brake (installed price).....$169.00
  2. Varmint Model  (installed price).....$229.00
  3. Deluxe Reducer  (installed price).....$239.00
  4. Optional thread protector (if you wish to remove reducer while hunting).....$25.00
  5. Extra setup charge required on non-bolt rifles.....$30.00
  6. Relocate front sight (if necessary).....$30.00


Technical Information on Reducers


-How does it work?  When you fire a gun, (2) forces make it recoil.  One is the G force of the bullet moving away and pushing the gun backwards.  (Newton's law says we can't do anything about that)  The 2nd is the "Rocket" type effect of gases moving out the muzzle and pushing the gun back.  The Ahlman's Recoil Reducer virtually eliminates this 2nd "Rocket" type of recoil by diverting the gases to the sides.  The results are dramatic.


-Does it affect performance?  Absolutely not.  The bullet doesn't actually touch the reducer.  In fact, most shooters report an increase in accuracy.  However, this is mainly because their "flinching" from heavy recoil goes away.


-Free test available  Because it's difficult to convince customers how well this works, we offer a "Free Test" for those within driving distance of Morristown.  The test involves having you fire the test gun with the reducer installed.  We then unscrew the reducer and have you fire again.  You will be convinced and amazed at the difference.


-Standard Model  Our standard model reducer is precision machined from the same type of steel your barrel is, with the exception of featherweight barrels (where reducer must be larger than barrel)  We machine the reducer to closely match your present barrel taper and precision thread it to your barrel.  The finish on our standard model "reasonably" matches the existing  finish of your barrel.


-Varmint Model  Our varmint model features the same amount of recoil reduction as our standard model, but with holes only on the sides.  The advantage of this to the shooter over our standard model is with no holes on the bottom you avoid debris from being kicked up from the ground while shooting from the prone position.


-Deluxe Model  Our deluxe model reducer is exactly the same reducer as our standard and performance is exactly the same.  The difference is in the final finish.  Instead of a "close" match of your barrel finish, we attempt to make a "perfect" finish match.  We also attempt to make the seam where it joins the barrel "nearly invisible".  Basically, the standard model is for typical hunting rifles and the deluxe model is for fancier guns.


Ahlman's is an authorized installer of "Weatherby Accubrake" recoil reducers for Weatherby rifles


Designed and produced by Weatherby exclusively for Weatherby guns


  1. Installed price (includes wrench and thread protector cap).....$199.00
  2. Nickel plated guns are an additional.....$60.00
  3. Cut and crown if desired.....$50.00





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