Metal Finishing

Rebluing is more than restoring the color of your gun.  It's a complete overhaul.  We start by completely disassembling the gun.  Then the gun is buffed completely to remove any scratches or rust pits and restoring all corners and edges to "factory new" sharpness.  Then it's polished to a bright luster for better appearance.  The gun is then boiled in a special solution which removes every trace of dirt, and blued to a deep black color.  Finally we reassemble and function test the gun.  The result is a gun which in most cases looks "better than new".


  1. Reblue most single shot shotguns.....$190.00
  2. Reblue Bolt Action Rifles.....$210.00
  3. Reblue Revolvers/Autos.....$230.00
  4. Reblue Slides/Frames only.....$100.00
  5. Sandblast Slides/Frames.....$50.00-.....$70.00
  6. Reblue pumps & automatics with aluminum trigger guard (guard cannot be reblued).....$220.00
  7. Reblue pumps & automatics with steel guards (except Win.97).....$245.00
  8. Reblue Win.97 (complete gun).....$290.00
  9. Reblue Win.97, Win. 12, Brown A-5 RECEIVER ONLY.....$125.00
  10. Reblue most double barrel shotguns.....$600-775
  11. Double barrels only.....$385--485
  12. Single Barrels Only.....$125.00
  13. Receivers and Forearm Metal Only  (on doubles).....$150.00
  14. L.C. Smith Complete.....P.O.R.
  15. Reblue Lever Actions.....$295.00



Metal Finishing


  1. Pistols with octagon barrels (add).....$30.00
  2. Rifles with octagon barrels (add).....$75.00
  3. Guns with excessive or heavy rust (add).....$20.00 - $40.00
  4. Sandblast receiver top & magazine tube (add).....$50--$60
  5. Sandblast complete gun (resembles military parkerizing after bluing).....$50--$80




Gun Koting is a new technology that offers great protection against rust, while giving a superb look to your gun. It's a thin, hard coating that resists most chemicals, provides excellent resistance to wear, plus durability that will surpass a rigorous 500 hour Salt-Spray chamber test.


All Colors are available in a light Matte Finish

Black, Gunmetal Grey, OD Green, Gold, Orange, Red, and Silver



  1. GUN-KOTE Complete Gun.....$200--$250
  2. GUN-KOTE Receiver Only.....$60.00




Over the years, we've developed & refined a system that faithfully duplicates the original metal finishes on high grade doubles.  This includes duplicating the direction of polishing lines and other characteristics that were included in original manufacture.  For example: we can take an original Parker, and if it's not too far gone, we can refinish to a degree that will make a seasoned Parker collector struggle to recognize that it's been refinished.  The finished result often depends on the condition of gun when brought to us. We can't perform miracles, but do come close. Total price for hand finishing all metal, color case hardening and bluing to original colors...Please call for quote.


Camouflaging and Other Coloring


  1. Film-Dip Camouflage Most Rifles/Shotguns.....$199.00
  2. Film-Dip Camouflage Pistols.....$175.00
  3. Film-/Dip Camouflage Double-Barrel Shotguns.....$250.00
  4. Case color shotgun receiver.....  $300.00
  5. Case color pistol frame.....  $200.00
  6. Case color parts (hammer,lever,trigger,etc).....P.O.R.
  7. Nitre-bluing of small parts.....$50.00
  8. Removal of Old Nickel-Plating.....$100.00
  9. Nickel-Plating Pistols.....$400 and up
  10. Gold-Plating Trigger.....$50.00
  11. Gold-Fill Engraving.....$40.00
  12. Browning of Octagon Barrels.....$200--$300
  13. Damascus Barrel Restoration.....$375--425
  14. Parkerizing...(black color only)....$150---$300

Technical Information On Rebluing

-What is rebluing?ᅠ  If you bury a piece of metal in the ground, it will rust. As it rusts, it changes color. Every color in the rainbow until the final "rust brown."ᅠ  During the color change, if you remove the metal from ground and quench it in scalding hot water, a reaction takes place. This reaction "chemically stops" the rusting -- making it very hard to re-start.


Now...suppose the piece of metal is a gun. If you "chemically stop" the rusting process when the color is turning blue, you would have an attractive blue color AND metal that resists future rusting. That's what gun bluing is all about. A controlled rust that will give your gun an attractive color that (with care) resists future rusting.


When you have your gun reblued at Ahlman's, here's what happens:  First, we totally disassemble the gun.  Then we hand buff & polish exposed metal parts to remove all traces of old blue and give it a "fresh metal" silver color. During the buffing process, our skilled polisher removes scratches, rust pits and traces of old blue without damaging original lettering. Where possible, heᅠ re-sharpens worn corners to give it a "new gun" appearance.ᅠ  It's then boiled in a serious of solutions which make it "squeeky clean" and highly susceptible to the upcoming "controlled rust" process. The process continues by submersing gun in a mixture of chemicals that are heated to a temperature that rapidly rusts the metal. At the point where the metal turns blue, it is removed and dipped into the scalding hot water which chemically stops the process. The gun is then re-assembled, lubricated and function tested. The result: Your gun now has a brand new appearance that will resist future rust. With reasonable care, it will look this way for generations.


Bluing does NOT add metal to your gun like chrome plating does.ᅠ  The durability of bluing depends on the roughness of metal surface.ᅠ  If you order our high gloss blue,ᅠ the surface is so smooth that it will wear through during field use faster than our normal bluing.ᅠ  If you order the course "Sand Blasted" finish (like military parkerizing), it willᅠ stand up to much heavier wear than normal bluing.


Double barrelsᅠ conventional bluing attacks the solder on doubles and causes damage.ᅠ We ONLY offer Slow-Rust bluing for double barrels.


-We cannot reblueᅠ aluminum, copper, brass, plastic, chrome plated guns,ᅠ receivers that were originally color case hardened, and iron plated guns.


-We prefer not to reblueᅠ guns that are disassembled.ᅠ  This is because we function test before and after rebluing to assure functioning remains the same.ᅠ  We also wish to avoid blame if parts are lost or gun fails to function after re-assembly.ᅠ  We will make an exception if you provide a written inventory of theᅠ parts you are sending.


-Deliveryᅠ on rebluing averages 1 month to 2 months.



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