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Why should I attend this shoot?

You will absolutely leave this shoot praising how much fun it was, how well informed you were, and how much ammo you were allowed to shoot!!  With approx. 20 stages all set up as different themes, you will not find a unique shoot like this anywhere.  Keep in mind that the price for this averages $5 per stage…..That’s what you pay to toss a baseball at the fair!!


Can I still camp if I’m not Level 1?

Yes, refer to ‘Camping’ tab


Can children attend?

Yes, but they must have adult supervision!!  They MUST be 16 or older to shoot.


Can I arrive early?  Stay late?

Registration will start Friday at 10:00 at Lucky lady Dance Hall.  All overnight campers on trap range area must be gone by 10:00am on Sunday.(Local Trapshooters start then)


Any local campsites/hotels?

Yes. 10 miles away in Faribault has 4 hotels.   Local campsites are: LeMieux’s Resort 507-334-5334, and Maiden Rock 507-685-2280.


How much ammo/guns should I bring?

LOTS.  We are expecting an average of 15-40 rounds per stage.  Many of the stages will allow you to shoot as much as you want per stage.  Bring at least (1) shotgun, rifle, pistol….or more.


Can I carry during shoot?

Refer to ‘Rules’ tab on this website.


Is Ahlmans store open during shoot?

Yes, from 9-5 both days.


Will there be any guns given away?

We don’t have an exact count yet, but are expecting around 20-25 guns in prize drawing, as well as many other NICE gifts.


Can I call for more info?

(507)685-4243 anytime from 9-5 Mon-Fri.


What targets can I expect to shoot?

The majority will be steel.  Some cardboard, and some wood, and lots of clays for shotguns.


What if my gun breaks during the shoot?

You’re in luck!!!  We have 6 gunsmiths on site during the shoot with a full service parts dept.  If you really have problems, buy a new one…..….we stock 1000's of guns for sale.


Can I bring Liquor?

Yes.  But, it will NOT be touched or even thought of during the shoot!  Police will be here both nights walking the grounds, so as long as you drink responsibly…no problems.  There is a Liquor store 1 mile away that sells soda, pizzas, hard and soft liquor.


Will you have food on grounds?

Yes…we usually have (2) concession stands selling various foods…as well as breakfast.


What time does the Saturday shoot start?

(9:00 to 5:00) All shooters Must sign in and get passes before shooting.  Sign-in opens at 7:00 at Lucky Lady dance hall.  Or, you may sign in Friday from 10:00am-2:00pm.


Why  a 200 shooter limit?

Previous zombie events, Outbreak Omega and SHTF, had attendance near 1.000 shooters. This caused long waiting lines and frustrated shooters. Our plan this year is to reduce the number of shooters and increase the number of range officers to produce a higher quality experience for shooters.


What if I sign up early, but something  comes up later and I have to cancel?

No problem. You can cancel and receive FULL REFUND anytime between now and June 1.  Should you decide to cancel, please try to do this earlier than June 1 so we can give your spot to someone on waiting list.


Can I sign up at gate or after 200 limit is reached?

If your entry is received too late, we will place you on our waiting list. We will promptly notify you of any cancellations.






507-685-4243 / 507-685-4244 • FAX: 507-685-4280

Ahlman's Home Page


Ahlman's Home Page



507-685-4243 / 507-685-4244



507-685-4243 / 507-685-4244