Custom Rifle Barrels

Standard Hunter - Rebarreling Modern Rifles

Inspect action, lap lugs, install "Douglas Premium Air-Gauged Barrel.  Chambered to minimum headspace.  Glass bedded and free-floated into customer's stock.  Reblued to customer's choice of finish (Stainless Steel, Matte or Standard).   Tested and labeled for caliber, ready for the field.  $950-$1100.  (Many extra options).

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Military Conversion Rebarrel - (Mauser, Springfields, Enfields, Japs)

Convert action to Modern use.  Alter bolt handle, drill & tap reconfigure bridges, fit low scope safety.  Install Timney trigger, lap bolt, lap lugs, true face of action.  Barrel can then be installed & barreled action installed in customer's sporter stock using details from Standard Hunter above.  $415-$575.  Timney trigger $70-$130 extra.  Low scope safety $45 extra.

M1 Garand Rebarrel

Index new Criterion CNC machined, Parkerized, short-chambered barrel.  Ream to minimum headspace.  Inspect and test.  $434.


Firearms must be received in working condition with stocks and all parts.  Actions must be inspected for function and safety before an accurate quote can be developed.


Customer-supplied barrels will also be inspected.  Used barrels may produce unsatisfactory results causing customer to waste the labor costs.


We routinely set customer barrels back to take up excessive headspace or for proper chambering of some improved cases.  $150 starting.


22 K Hornet & other improved chambers


Improved cartridges with rims such as 22 K Hornet, 30-30 ACK IMP, 30-40 ACK IMP, etc., can be fit to your respective rifle by simply opening up your existing chamber.  Starting at $75 labor.  Certain calibers will require an extra cost for reamer rental.


Improved cartridges that use the shoulder of the case for headspacing such as 243 ACK IMP, 25-06 ACK IMP, 30-06 ACK IMP, will need to have your barrel set back to shorten the chamber before opening to the improved dimensions.  This allows for proper support during fire-forming.  $150 staring labor.  Certain calibers will require an extra cost for reamer rental.


Poor or Questionable Accuracy?


Let or smiths examine your rifle & scope system.  They will inspect for loose parts relative to accuracy, headspace and bedding problems and worn or damaged rifling.  Then, fire groups using various factory ammo.  The smiths can then make recommendations such as glass bedding, scope or base corrections, your rifle's ammo preference or possible barrel alterations.  Evaluation $75 + ammo.




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