DAMASCUS BARREL            (both done @ Ahlman's)             CASE-COLORED ACTION

Bring out the beauty of Damascus to your old Double barrels!  With our process, we remove all dings,scratches, pits, and rust.  We then hand polish to a fine satin finish.  Then, with a rare process of chemicals and treatments, we slowly restore the Damascus pattern that looks original as the day it left the factory.  This process ONLY works on true Damascus/Twist barrels.  To properly check this, you can wipe the water table clean with some Scotch-Brite, and use a touch of cold blue to see if any shapes appear.  If not sure, we will check when you ship in barrels.


Color-case Hardening is a process which involves hand polishing your receiver or steel part.  Then after total degreasing, the parts are placed in a heating crucible which has a special mixture of animal bones and wood charcoal.  After heating to a temperature of approx. 1400 degrees, it is pulled out and quenched.  The results are amazing colors of purple, milky white,blue,brown!  Each and every part has its own pattern, so no two are ever alike.  After part is quenched, we then slowly re-heat it to temper the steel back to original specs, and give a light coat of linseed oil.   We cannot do this to modern receivers, or Stainless Steel, so please call/write for further info.




  1. Re-Damascus Prices.....$300.00 - $400.00
  2. Case-Coloring Prices.....$300.00 - $400.00