Shooters Roundup

Map and Range Rules

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All shooters and spectators must sign Ahlman’s  liability waiver before entering range areas.


Along with the basic 10 commandments of shooting safety, shooters must also observe the following:


  1. Participants may NOT bring their own guns or ammo.  ALL guns & ammo are furnished by Ahlman's & various manufacturers for the event.
  2. Authorized range officers are on duty at each shooting station. Do not load a gun or fire until range officer gives you an ok.
  3. Protective eye wear and ear protection for both shooters and spectators is mandatory at all shooting stations.  Safety glasses are available at each station. Free ear protection is furnished at main gate.
  4. Parental supervision combined with range officer permission is required for children to shoot. Children are not permitted to roam grounds without parental control.


CONCEALED CARRY EXCEPTION:  Conceal carry is permitted. Gun, however, must remain holstered (not used) during event. The only exception is in defense of your life.