Handgun Work


NEW!!!  Taurus Judge 45/410 Choke Tube Installation.....$110.00

Install Free-Spin Pawl (labor only).....$50.00

Smooth action and tune single action revolver.....$75.00

Smooth action and tune dbl. action revolver.....$75.00


(Above includes trigger job and setting pull to any reasonable weight.  We do not recommend reducing hammer or trigger spring weight on guns to be used for police duty.  Please specify when ordering.  If gun required repair before tuning, extra charges will apply)


  1. Install new factory barrel (labor only).....$45.00 - $55.00
  2. Install custom or non-factory barrel.....Price on application
  3. Install white outline rear sight (labor only).....$20.00
  4. Install red ramp front sight (labor only).....$40.00
  5. Above two installations if done at same time.....$50.00
  6. Alter S&W K-Frame square butt grip to round butt.....$100.00
  7. De-horn sights & round corners to enter and exit holster easily.....$30.00
  8. Install Millett (dual crimp) sights (labor only).....$50.00
  9. Remove revolver sight, shorten barrel, re-install sight (most models).....$95.00
  10. Chamfer revolver chamber (to make speed loaders work easier).....$40.00
  11. Ream revolver forcing cone (to improve accuracy & reduce load buildup).....$40.00
  12. Machine charging serrations in front of slide.....$80.00
  13. Fit ambidextrous safety on Colt 45 auto  (labor only).....$50.00
  14. Fit & install beavertail grip safety  (labor only).....$60.00
  15. Tighten slide to frame.....POR
  16. Bevel magazine well on Colt 45 auto  (bluing extra).....$35.00
  17. Extend magazine release on Colt 45 auto  (labor only).....$30.00
  18. 4 1/2# Trigger Job (std. Carry).....$75.00
  19. 3 1/2# Trigger Job (competitive use).....$85.00
  20. Alter Colt 45 auto to feed wadcutter ammo.....$40.00
  21. Open Colt 45 auto ejection port to improve ejection (includes side reblue).....$50.00
  22. Checker front of trigger guard on Colt 45 auto.....$50.00
  23. Checker Front Strap.....$175.00
  24. Install Bo-mar sights (sight extra).....$100.00
  25. Labor to Install Night Sights/Fiber Optics.....$40.00
  26. Machine Dovetail for Sight.....$50.00
  27. Test-Fire Handgun on machine rest for accuracy.....$50.00
  28. Fit/Tune Extractors.....$35.00
  29. Fit/Install Barrel Bushing.....$60.00
  30. Safety & function test, clean and oil a revolver or auto (repairs extra).....$40.00--$50.00


NOTE: Above prices are for labor only.  Contact our parts department for parts prices.


Additional Handgun Information


    Experience: Our handgun specialists are graduates of Colorado School or Trades, Pine Tech, plus various courses such as the Colt and S&W factory armorers schools.  In addition, they have many years of "On the Job" experience at Ahlman's.  You can count on having your handgun work done properly and done right at Ahlman's.


Prices:  Compare our prices with other shops doing comparable "High Quality" work.

You will find us difficult to beat.


Custom Work:  Need a custom barrel made, or a special alteration not listed above?  Write to us and give a description of the work you'd like done.  Chances are, we do it.

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