Engraving Services

What is Engraving? - Engraving comes in many forms.  One way is with a rotary tool that cuts logos or text into any type of metal and is the best option for texts or logos on steel.  These usually can be filled in with color.  Another is Laser, which  is especially good on soft materials and wood.  Laser gives a better detail of a picture than the rotary does.  Designs, pictures, etc are absolutely perfect on a wood stock.  And the last is hand engraving.  This is done by hammer/chisel or by a special pneumatic hand tool.  This work is not offered by us currently, but we have many references for this.  Hand engraving gives that human touch of artistry that machines cannot duplicate.  Scenes, relief cuts, and gold embedding are only possible with this method.  But costs are extremely high.  Each design is a “One of a Kind” specially designed to fit the contours of your gun.


Prices - Because of the many variations of engraving, it's hard to give accurate pricing, until we first see an example or talk with you on the project.  Price is dependant on how much area you want done, or how much text you want, etc.  It's best if you have pictures, to include a flash drive with examples.


Delivery - on engraving averages approximately 2-3 weeks.

To Order Engraving - First send us your gun or a photograph or sketch of gun and describe what type and style you would like.  We will then send you a quote for work.  No work will be done until you approve the quote.

  1. Laser Engraving.....$50 - $125.00
  2. Rotary Machine Engraving.....$50.00 - $100.00