DuraCoat Finishing

DuraCoat is the finest firearm finish on the planet, ideal for use on all firearm parts and accessories including wood, scopes, plastics and aluminum.  It is resistant to lubricants, oils and solvents, has excellent resistance to water and chemical exposure, and it adheres and hardens to all surfaces.  It is available in either solid or camo patterns.

Here are a few Examples

Standard Colors.....$175

Two Standard Colors.....$250

Camo Pattern List #1 (Normal).....$250

Camo Pattern List #2 (Intermediate).....$300

Camo Pattern List #3 (Advanced) .....$375

Diamond Plate/Extreme Pattern.....$450


Price includes complete gun with stocks/forearms and one magazine if available.  We are also able do accessories such as spare magazines, knives, holsters, binoculars and scopes for an additional fee.


When specifying your color, please let us know if you want the entire gun coated, or just certain parts.  We are also able to to mix and match colors on different parts of the gun.


Want to view a list of standard colors? Check these out. Click on the thumbnails for larger views.

Colors 1

Colors 2

Colors 3

Here are the Camo Patterns #1 (Normal)...$250

Here are the Camo Patterns #2 (Normal)...$300

Here are the Camo Patterns #3 (Normal)...$375

Here are the Diamond Plate/Extreme Patterns...$450