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          What is Delta ?

Delta is one of the biggest shooting matches in the nation.  Delta has approx. 20 shooting stages for handgun, rifle, or shotgun…or all three.  Each stage has a theme.  It may be a Zombie showdown, a shootout on a 747 jet, a drive-by cat shoot, or just a plain kick-ass 3-gun assault on the Mexican border.  This is a “Fun-Shoot” not a competition, therefore, you may shoot any and all stages as many times as you want.   

If you're a level-1 shooter, you can sign up early and take the Friday “Delta Defense Course”….a 5 hour self defense/ handgun defense/rifle defense course!!


           Where is Delta ?

The shoot will be held at Ahlman’s Shooting Range in Morristown, MN . With over 93 acres of shooting ranges, we have many activities year round including trap shooting, blackpowder, cowboy shooting, police training, SWAT training, paintball and archery.  This is a paradise for shooting enthusiasts.


            What do I need to bring?

Our main goal for this match is LOTS OF SHOOTING!!  So bring plenty of ammo for rifle, pistol, and shotgun.  Spare magazines, glasses, ear protection, gun cart(if you have), water, snacks, chamber flags and cameras.


            When is Delta ?

The main event is June 24th, 2017(Saturday)  Shooting begins at 9:00 and ends at 5:00.  Door Prize drawing and Happy Hour to follow at 6:00 in the Lucky Lady dancehall.

If you're Level-1, you can sign up for the Delta Defense Course.  This will take place a day earlier(Friday) June 23th.  Approx. start time is 12:30 and ends around 6:00.  All who sign up for this are also invited to the Hog Roast, Beer party and special prize drawing for level-1 participants.

     What is Delta Defense Class?

This is a Class given on Friday from 12-5 for Level One Shooters(Limit 100).  Meet at Lucky Lady building @ 11:30 for orientation.  From there, you will be split into (4) groups.  Each class will have training on Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle at 4 different 65 minute courses.   All courses will be taught by experienced trainers who will focus on Defensive skills and tactics for the various guns.  Approx. 100 rounds of handgun ammo with holster, 100 rds and spare mags for rifle, and 50 rds birdshot/ 10rds slugs for shotgun are recommended.