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Camping is allowed Friday and Saturday nights.  Set up anytime Friday after 10:00.  All  camps must be packed up by Sunday morning at 10:00 to clear range for nearby trapshooting club regular shoot.  Exception is south of the fort or areas not affected by trapshooting.  Our address is 9525 W. 230th St., Morristown, MN 55052.


Refer to map.  We have spots for Large motorhomes, small trailers or tents in a shaded, wooded area.  Most campsites allow for parking right next to camp. 

Cluster Camps

We encourage cluster camping…camping in a circle of friends.  It’s always more fun to camp next to people you know.  Make sure to remember your site number and give it to friends that are coming so we can place you next to each other.


We're doing reservations different this year. To reserve a campsite, we ask that you contact Erin Roed (camping coordinator).  Tell her the area you desire, how much space you'll need, names of friends you'd like to camp next to and any other details that will help her select the best spot for you or your group.  There is NO FEE for reservations.  To contact Erin:  email.............   erin_roed@yahoo.com  or phone (651) 331-0223 (after 5 PM)


You may check in anytime after Friday 10:00am at the Lucky lady.


We don’t have sewer or electrical, so you will have to furnish generator for power.  We do have potable water for free on the SE side of gunshop by the Moose statue.  We will have many outhouses on the grounds.  We also ask that you bring trash bags and keep your area clean during and after you leave.


No open fires are allowed except in the 2 designated fire rings.  Unless you bring your own wood and freestanding fire ring that will not scorch the grass…fires are not allowed.

Quiet times

Quite time for overnight campers is 11:00 pm until 6:00 am.  This includes all generators.

Shooting before/after event

Friday……Ahlman’s customer range has spots for rifle and pistol for sighting in.  Hours are 9-5 and fee is $10 per person.

Sunday…There is trapshooting/ wobble trap available on the same grounds from 11:00am---2:00pm.  Fee is $5 per round of 25.