Custom Rifle Barrels

Your favorite deer rifle or fox gun is getting a bit old and doesn't quite shoot like it used to, then it's time to consider getting a new custom barrel installed by Ahlman's.  Or, if you're building up a special rifle and you want the best, or you simply want to change calibers, then rebarreling is the answer.


Rebarreling isn't cheap.  However, we use the best materials and best of techniques to give you a completed job that we feel is clearly superior to what is commonly available from the gun factories.


We use primarily DOUGLAS BARRELS.  Please specify if you wish to use a different barrel manufacturer.

Technical information on rebarreling


-Barrel Quality We do not make our own barrels.  We order them with rifling already installed from custom barrel companies such as Douglas or Shilen.  You may specify a brand if you have a preference.  All are the finest quality type 4140 chrome moly gun barrel steel with button rifling.  We guarantee minute of angle accuracy with them.


 -Premium Grade When the long hole is initially drilled through the length of the barrel,  90% of the time it has a slight curve.  The barrel is then mechanically straightened before final turning.  When excessively heating the barrel by "Rapid Firing", the barrel tends to return to it's original curved condition.  It then moves back to straight when cooled.  This can cause groups to "walk" slightly as the barrel heats up and cools.  Barrel companies set aside the 10% of barrels that were drilled so close to perfect that they didn't require straightening and stamped these "Premium Grade".  Therefore, a premium is no better steel.  It basically means "unstraightened".  For hunting guns, and heavy barreled guns, it should be considered.


 -Premium Air Gauge Grade For the benefit of the super serious target shooter, premium barrels are "cherry picked" one step further.  Barrel companies use a device called an air gauge to measure rifling uniformity the full length.  Barrels that gage .001" or less variation from one end to the other are stamped "Premium Air Gage Grade".  In our opinion, this feature is useful only to an extremely serious target shooter who is trying for the ultimate small target group and is of no value to the average shooter.


 -Stainless Steel Barrels may also be ordered in stainless steel.  This is a type 416 stainless.  It is heat treated to 28 to 30 Rockwell hardness before rifling, then stress relieved to 25 RC after rifling.  This process greatly increases the barrel life on the higher velocity cartridges.  We highly recommend stainless for cartridges such as .17 Rem and 220 Swift.


 -Re-bedding After rebarreling, the new barrel will not correctly fit the old barrel channel in your stock and must be re-bedded.  We can do this at an optional price, or you may wish to do this yourself.  Our normal procedure is to glass bed the front and rear of receiver and the 1st 1-1/2" of the barrel.  The rest of the barrel is "free floating".  You may later want to experiment with a "pressure point" at the end of the forend.  This can be a thin strip of plastic or leather to make the barrel contact at the forend.  This dampens the barrel vibrations and tends to tighten your groups slightly.  However, it can also make the location of your group change from day to day as humidity changes your stock wood.  For a hunting gun, we feel that our method of glass bed/free float is the all around best solution.


 -Headspace Headspace is the air gap between the face of your bolt and the base of the cartridge.  The smaller this gap, the better for accuracy.  Factory guns leave a generous gap to allow for different tolerances in ammo.  We like to run this gap close to zero.  This often creates difficulty in that your bolt will close hard on some rounds and easy on others. Normally after a few hundred rounds, the barrel threads stretch slightly, the gap increases, and the problem goes away.  The final headspace gap is still less than average factory rifles.  If you wish to avoid this break-in period of occasional hard bold closing, simply request "Factory Headspacing" with your order.


 -Rebluing The force required to remove your old barrel often mars the bluing on your  receiver.  In addition, barrels come "In the White"(unblued).  Therefore, your complete gun must be reblued after a rebarreling job is done.


Size Chart


The chart below gives the appropriate dimensions of standard barrels. If you have trouble reading this chart, we'd like to suggest that the #2 & #3 contours are the most popular ones.  The featherweight is similar to a Win.70 featherweight. #4 & #5 are similar to a Rem.700 Varmint.


We can also turn to nearly any non-standard size for an added charge of $40.00.





* Dimension (X) is .960"  --  Dimension (Y) is .635"  --  Dimension (Z) is 11"

* In this table, M&S refer to Mauser and Springfield.  ENF refers to Enfield

** Due to the choice in length, weight will vary with length



NOTE: The featherweight barrel is approximately the same size and shape as the Winchester barrel used on the featherweight rifle.






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